Kane Woods Facelift

Nature Trails See Improvements

Thanks to funding by Laurel Foundation and the hard work of the employees of Sound Improvements Construction, drainage issues on the Whiskey Boys Trail and the Liberty Trails have been addressed.  Water should no longer collect on the trails which makes them difficult to use during wet times of the year.

Major improvements have also been made to the Neville's Trace Trail near the Jewish Community Center.  The trail in this area had been narrow and slippery during wet weather, and now the trail has been widened and a few steps have been placed in the steeper areas.

A change to Tom-the-Tinker Trail is also being planned.  The changes will be made to the stream crossing and to a steep section of that trail that has been especially difficult to walk.

We would like to thank a number of local companies for donating products and services which has allowed us to make improvements that we might not have been able to afford.  These donations are greatly appreciated.

Flavor Your Life

Herb Program Recap

Our Spring 2014 program on growing and harvesting herbs truly delivered!  Thirty-seven attendees went home full of great ideas, not only about herbs to grow and use for culinary purposes, but a colorful slide show proved that herbs can be used as attractive additions to a home landscape.  Penn State Master Gardener Joan Kugler presented a list of perennial and annual herbs and advised which grow easily from seeds and which are best purchased as nursery plants.  She also gave her tips for drying the herbs for later use and shared with us her favorite tools.  Consider trying herbs this year - perhaps a purple basil or some pineapple sage.

Spring Spells Success

From Cleanups to Plantings to Earth Day - Our Volunteers Make it Happen

We want to give a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who came out to help with our spring projects this year.  Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and with their help, the Kane Woods walking trails remain open for public use and the traffic island we maintain can continue to be enjoyed by hundreds of people driving by on a daily basis.  Unless we are able to procure a grant, our budget is not large enough to pay to have work done, which is why we are thankful for the volunteer help.

Maintaining our Kane Woods Nature Area walking trails and the traffic island at the corner of Greentree and Cochran Roads is hard work.   The twelve volunteers that helped with trail maintenance on Earth Day and the seven volunteers who came out to plant the traffic island in May are greatly appreciated.

In the Kane Woods, our volunteers completed a number of projects.  The area around the Whiskey Point shelter and along the trails was cleaned up.  Using the chain saw, a large portion of the fallen tree near the shelter was cut into firewood and will be stored in the small shed that was constructed on site that same day.  

The trash on the hillside along our trail behind the Jewish Community Center was also collected and removed.  Thank you to the anonymous helpers who move the trash cans at each trailhead to the curb and back every Sunday and Monday on garbage pickup day.

On the traffic island, weeds were pulled, bushes were pruned and flowers planted.  Because of the number of volunteers who came out this year, the work was completed in an hour and a half.   Although the island will continue to need care throughout the growing season, getting the initial planting done is the biggest project.

2014 Whiskey Rebellion Weekend Where & When

220th Anniversary Places & Times:

The Sixth Annual History Walk will commence at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 19th at Scott Conservancy Kane Woods Nature Area Trails.  Meet at the PA State Historical Marker on Bower Hill (near Kane regional Center).  The walk will end at the Whiskey Point Trailhead.  It covers approximately 1/2 mile along the trails of the Bower Hill restored by The Scott Conservancy.  The walk is free to the public and reservations are not required.  

Additional activities are planned on Sunday, July 20th at the Woodville Plantation, 1375 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA starting at noon.  These additional activities are $5 per person and children under 6 are free.  

The insurrection in July of 1794 marked a critical time in our emerging nation's history.  It was the first test of federal power and the ability of a central government to hold our fledgling country together.  Learn more about the annual reenactment of this event.

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July 04, 2014

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